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On 5th February there was a olympics from German language in town, where I study. Because, I was the only one, who took part a school competition of this olympics, I had to go to district competition - my friend was ill and there was no one, who would take part instead of me. My teacher, who teaches German in our school, gave me hope and she tried to help me a lot. She gave me papers with topics, and I had to study it until I went to school competition.

But I don´t want to write about school part, because it wasn´t so important (I was sure, that I have to be on district part of German olympics). I want to tell you about the day, when I was really nervous, and, how can I call it... full of thoughts.
German olympics (its district part) took place in Gymnasium, its near my school.
When I came there, I was a little bit confused. Where I have to go? Fortunately, everywhere were papers on the walls with labels. Our olympics was on the top floor - in study room. I went inside and I had to sign some kind of paper with names and addresses of our school. After that I sat down, put out my papers with German topics and tried to study it, but it was difficilt - I was really nervous, and I knew, that my "rivals" were from Gymnasium school. But of course, some of them were from secondary school.

I think, at 8:10 olympics started. We had to alloted our order for oral examination. I alloted number seven.
The first part was listening exercise. It was so difficult .. And I don´t even know, how many points I´ve got, from this part. Then we had short break for some snack, studying and something like that. I started to speak with people in study room, and I forgot of my nervousness for a while.
It was time, when I had to go to room, when the oral examinations took parts. It looked like Adult exercises, there was table with stack of papers, German dictionary and chair on the right side. I grabbed my ballpoint, and started to write some notes about my topic - I alloted "Kulture, Feste und Bräuche" ("Culture, festivals and habits) - it was number seven. I searched every second word in dictionary, because my brain was empty. I had just 10 minutes, I think, and it was too little for me.

Than the teachers called me, and I had to sit down in front of them (next to table with stack of papers was another table with chair and in front of those things were tables, when the teachers sat). I said a few sentences, because I didn´t prepare myself closely before oral examination. Than I had to describe some picture. It was picture of some classroom with small children and some teacher. I couldn´t remember, how could I say "teacher" in German language, they had to help me ... I wasn´t proud of myself. After 10 minutes, I went back to study room and abused myself (in thoughts) that I wasn´t better.

When the oral examinations came to the end, we waited 3 hours for results. Meanwhile, teachers found out, that 3 girls had to the same results, so they had to write another test. So we waited, I think, next 30 minutes. Than everybody came out to study room (including headmaster of this Gymnasium) and they proclaimed our results. And guess what - I was 7. ! :D I wasn´t last. The last one was one boy from some secondary school.
But I was sorry, that the main prizes were vouchers for books. I cursed myself because of that! :D

I can say, of course, it was a good experience. We need to fight with our nervousness, and If we know, that some things are not important for our life, it isn´t necessary to be worried. What I said to myself all the time: Stand Up and Fight!

Článek je sice v angličtině, ale komentáře mi můžete klidně psát v češtině, nebo ve slovenštině, jak je libo. Jde jen o to, že jsem se rozhodla procvičit si tento jazyk prostřednictvím psaní nějakých jednoduchých článků. Pokud chcete, můžete mě kdykoliv opravit a poučit mě o chybách ;) (hlavně co se týče předložek, frází a "the" a "a").

Budu moc ráda za vaše vyjádření ;)

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1 DorkaJ. DorkaJ. | E-mail | Web | 13. dubna 2014 v 19:12 | Reagovat

Fuh tak natoľko dobrá aby som kohokoľvek opravovala fakt nie som. Vlastne ma dosť prekvapilo, že som čo to z textu pochopila :) Keďže teória na rodziel od obkecávačiek mi nikdy nešla.
Uhm Turisas? O nich som ešte nepočula, ale Stand up and fight znie fakt lákavo. Viem si živo predstaviť, že sa mi pri vytváraní nejakého príbehu ešte zíde.
PS: siedme miesto je fajn, congratulations.

2 Marja Virtanen Marja Virtanen | Web | 13. dubna 2014 v 20:43 | Reagovat

[1]: V podstatě je to dost amatérský článek, a je tam podle mě docela dost chyb, takže bych se ani nedivila, kdybys tomu (ani kdokoliv jiný) nerozuměla :D Hlavně jsou tam čechismy :)
Určitě si poslechni více, je to výborná skupina ;)
Díky :D

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